Office 365 Outage - June 1

Migration Help Documents

Update: 6/2/18 @ 5:00PM
Email is back up and flowing, please read this document for more details on what to do. For quick access, use and login using your: (note the NDUS.EDU on the end). Your email will still be:

Outlook Clients (Windows/Mac/Mobile): You will have to remove the VCSU.EDU account, then add a new one using: and your current VCSU password.

OneDrive: We are still migrating OneDrive files, so your OneDrive may still be empty, migration may take well into Monday afternoon, please be patient.

Still problems: Please stop or call the VCSU IT Service Desk: 701-845-7340 (option 1)

View updates during the migration in June: @vcsudatacenter

All VCSU users

Migration of the VCSU instance of Office 365 into the NDUS instance of Office 365.

Email, calendar, OneDrive and all other Office 365 applications will experience an outage. This will NOT impact other services, e.g. Blackboard, Campus Connection, etc. We anticipate, all messages sent to beginning June 1st after 4:00 p.m. will be delayed for several hours and possibly as long as 48 hours. Senders will likely get a “message undeliverable” notice explaining the system will try again later. In extreme cases, the message delivery may fail completely.

Beginning after 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 1. Ending 7:00 a.m. on Monday, June 4. Email will likely be available late Friday or early Saturday. OneDrive migration completion may be closer to Monday morning. Restore timing will vary by user and data (calendar items and emails) will migrate gradually, so don’t despair if some data is missing when you first access your new account.

To comply with Legislative mandates to consolidate services.

A. What to do before the migration on June 1:
  1. If you use the OneDrive client, click on the OneDrive icon (double cloud) in the top Menu Bar on a Macintosh, or in the bottom Task Bar on a PC, to ensure the OneDrive server files are “up to date” compared to the files within your OneDrive client folder on your computer. Contact the Technology Service Desk if you need assistance.



  2. If you have Teams or Groups, save files, group membership, chats and any other information as associated data will NOT migrate. Note: All other Office 365 data, such as emails, calendar items and OneDrive files will be migrated automatically.

B. What to do during the migration 4:00 p.m. June 1 – 7:00 a.m. June 4:

  1. View updates to determine when you can move on to section "C": @vcsudatacenter.
  2. DON’T make changes within your email clients, such as Outlook until you have completed step “2” of section "C".
  3. DON’T make changes to your OneDrive files in the client folder on your computer. If you plan to work on some files during the migration, remove them from the OneDrive prior to the start of the migration. When the migration is complete, and you have completed step “3” of section "C", you can move the file to your new OneDrive client folder

C. What to do after the migration is complete:

  1. Login to the new instance of Office 365 using*
  2. Re-establish or reconfigure email clients (such as Outlook) on smart phones and computers to work with the new More information is forthcoming.
  3. Re-establish or reconfigure the clients for OneDrive and Teams on computers (optional). More information is forthcoming.
  4. Build desired Teams and Groups from scratch (optional).

*Note: Official email addresses for VCSU users will continue to be This means:
  • Email sent to your address is delivered to your new account
  • Email sent from your new account appears to be from your address
  • Your address is still used in publications and directories

Please direct questions or issues to:
VCSU Technology Service Desk
(701) 845-7340

Office Information

Chief Information Officer:
Joe Tykwinski

Technology Service Desk
Rhoades Science Center, Room 117
701-845-7340 (option 1)