1. Learning is More FUN and Effective

Break free from the exclusive "learn by listening" teaching method and experience a "hybrid classroom" that combines the personal attention of the traditional classroom with online instruction, including Internet resources on demand, rich audio visual presentations, electronic handouts and threaded discussions. You will be actively involved in learning as you use the computer to solve problems, create projects, participate in teams, access information and communicate with others.


2. You Gain a Competitive Edge in the Job Market

By using a PERSONAL computer in virtually every aspect of your learning and business at VCSU, you will gain valuable skills and insight into the typical professional use of computers in a modern organization. The active learning environment described above also empowers you to develop other skills important to employers, such as the ability to work in a team, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills. Employers understand and respect this experience.


3. Portable Computing is Convenient and Efficient

Forget about waiting in line for a computer or having to remember when the "computer lab" is open. Store your information on the hard drive and back it up on your personal space on a VCSU server. Add your own programs, organize your files into folders, and set the sound to your personal needs without worrying about someone else changing or deleting things. Use it, any time, any place.

4. You Experience Higher Productivity and Reduced Technical Issues

Stop fussing with technical issues and get down to the business of exchanging documents, collaborating on projects, and communicating with others. If you have a question, it's likely that the person next to you can help, since everyone has a standard set of hardware and software. When University technical personnel create a solution, it works for you. Because VCSU obtains institutional site licenses you save a bundle on software purchases. Plus, professional staff install it for you.


5. The Right Amount of Technology is Always Available

You will never need to go to class without a working computer! If you have a problem, VCSU's on-site service center can fix the computer on the spot or provide you with a loaner at no additional cost.
VCSU guarantees students two or three new notebook computers and annual software upgrades during the typical four years of study. The chart below illustrates how VCSU's constant upgrades keep available computing power ahead of your increasing need for power.


Office Information

Chief Information Officer:
Joe Tykwinski

Technology Service Desk
Rhoades Science Center, Room 117
701-845-7340 (option 1)