The technology fee is $499 per semester for a typical full-time student. The technology fee is less for online students. The fee for part time students is prorated on a per credit hour basis. Full time students are issued a laptop computer for the entire semester. Part time students check out a computer at the Technology Service Desk as needed, or they may team up with another part time student and check out a computer together for the semester, or they can pay an optional fee and be issued a laptop computer for the entire semester. The fee for a typical full time student is divided approximately as follows:

Fee Item Description
$173 Computer "Pool" Includes personal computer; lease financing; shipping charges; warranty and a 'loaner pool' of computers to ensure students have a functioning computer if repair is necessary.
$10 Case A padded laptop computer case and periodic cleaning.
$7 Printer Supplies Funding for printer consumables.
$55 Software Includes PC and server software purchase, maintenance, and upgrades.
$183 Support Services Funding for network, enterprise applications, data center, and Technology Service Desk staff.
$66 Learning Infrastructure Network, servers & data center, classroom & presentation technology, digital cameras.
$5 Technology Innovation A mini-grant process available to faculty and students to foster and support educational technology innovation.

Office Information

Chief Information Officer:
Joe Tykwinski

Technology Service Desk
Rhoades Science Center, Room 117
701-845-7340 (option 1)