VCSU Addemdum to 1901.2

3.1.3v Appropriate use of electronic messaging systems at VCSU
Sending an unauthorized message to a large group of users is prohibited. Using network resources for partisan political purposes is prohibited. Students or recognized student organizations may request authorization to send electronic messages to groups of faculty, staff and /or students by contacting the Vice President for Student Affairs.

3.4v Connecting computer or network devices to the VCSU network
All computers and network devices must be registered with and approved by the VCSU Information Technology Security Officer, prior to being connected to the VCSU network. The IT Security Officer has discretion to immediately remove a device from the network, if necessary to maintain the integrity, security or functionality of other systems or data. VCSU does not assume any liability for damages to devices connected to the network, even in cases where connection to the network caused the damage.

3.5.5.v Storage and backup of institutional data
Data having value beyond the person that created it or data critical to the mission of the Institution shall be located, or backed up, on centralized servers maintain by Technology Services, unless otherwise authorized by the VCSU Chief Information Officer.

3.8.v Authorized business use for registered students and specially designated VCSU affiliates
Registered students, Regional Technology Center Tenants, and organizations housed on the VCSU campus that pay fees to cover the cost of network services or computers are authorized to use the network services and computers for private business or compensated employment, provided such use does not impede the computer or network from performing intended, institutional purposes, and such use complies with all other polices set forth in this document, all other VCSU and SBHE policies, and all state and federal laws.

Office Information

Information Technology Security Officer: CJ Kotta 701-845-7345
Technology Service Desk
Rhoades Science Center, Room 117
701-845-7340 (option 1)